IBARMIA, industrial knowledge and commitment with customers, people and environment.

IBARMIA is a family owned machine tool company that provides specific solutions with high added value.

IBARMIA is constantly improving the designs, product range and services related to the machine. This is how it is possible to offer exactly what the customers need and not just a “standard” machine.

The objective is to innovate and offer high added value for a good return on the investment. For this purpose IBARMIA created the New Product Development department as and independent unit from the rest.

IBARMIA is an active participant in the evolution and development of the machine tools of the future.


IBARMIA provides the high dynamics and the high rpm required by the light materials used in this Sector. The large longitudinal strokes up to 12 metres and the automatic tilting heads make theses models ideal for various components of the Aerospace sector.

Flanges and Bearings

IBARMIA offers specific solutions to machine large circular pieces up to 8 metres. A product range made of powerful machines for simultaneous drilling and rigid vertical turning lathes. The most prestigious manufacturers of these components use IBARMIA machines.