All types of Nomura CNC Automatic Lathes use a headstock which moves during fabrication. These are often referred to as Swiss-Type Precision Automatic Lathes.

The main spindle tip grips the workpiece with a collet chuck, and the headstock moves axially, receiving the guide bushing located in the center of the tool post. Lathe cutting occurs at this orifice. This process avoids creation of vibration or deformation, allowing consistent, high-precision manufacturing.

50 years of amassed design techniques and commitment to manufacturing quality give Nomura DS Automatic Lathes their remarkable ability to reduce vibration – the number one problem faced in lathe cutting work.

In order to maintain long-lasting micron-level cutting precision, we believe it is necessary to offer “Workmanship, part precision, material quality, and most of all, the integration of our technological strengths to create total machine balance”.

Making use of 50 years of integrated technical knowledge, we offer the utmost in vibration reduction by:

  • Utilization of “slide guideways” crafted by “scrapers” to provide high rigidity of the tool rest.
  • Custom-casting of the metal for optimal scraper fabrication of the slide guideways.

We appreciate the worth of quality materials and workmanship – that is NOMURA-ism.